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Roping saddles in stock ready to sell ranch ready

Will James ranch saddle with custom wood/post horn
In Stock ready for delivery @ $5,500.00 contact: email us and make a real cash offer:

Ranch and roper combo in 16″ seat for sure comfortable ride. This saddle is 6 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ gullet about 14 inch swell width front end and wool liner (barktan_built like a saddle should be built ready to ranch or farm ready front and rear cinch. Size of gullet and seat length is close estimates and the tree sizes are close to the finished product buy it if you like it and there is no return policy from chuinc, if you buy it you own it. All photo’s are copyright and private collection

Just let us know in advance and send a check.         NO Plastic under this leather, this is a real sheep skin liner with wood x rawhide tree. custom build by an independent saddle makers are under contract to build performance roping and ranch saddles. Quality build and heavy duty for roping and ranch work this saddle can only be purchased by a working cowboy!