All saddle sales pay by check all saddles have no warrenty and no refunds and no returns

We have no warrenty and do not repair saddles or take old trade in saddles.
We sell one off custom saddles in the USA by craftsman trained in the art of saddle making, All saddle makers are 100 and more saddles previously built. Enjoy your ride. Adjust all leather connections and connect the front and rear cinch with about 9” strap, cinch medium and walk your horse let him adjust to the new saddle and recheck all leather connections and check the cinch front and rear.
Warren Wright Tree $7640.00 complete saddle now finished and for sale for all around use. If you want any saddle shipped around the world we got to be payed upfront and all shipping costs payed upfront before we ship out of the states USA.
15 3/4 length seat
Built for roping and heavy duty ranch work $7,640.00  no 2 grade chestnut leather in roughout
Warren Wright Tree
Will James 13″ swell 15 3/4” seat

4” x 13” x 1” dish cantle hight and width